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18 years old from Princess Elisabeth: the festival program

For her birthday, the princess had aura in her eyes with three arrangements: the cereal in the Palais vendin matin, an organisation's reception for the Belgian noblewoman, and a private party in Laeken.

Çand only finally three of them helped her aura droit la princesse Elisabeth pour ses 18 years, and sold. On l'a annoncé ici: from 11 to 12 heures, a cérémonie is prior to the Palais Royal de Bruxelles with discourses of the Roi and replica of sa fille, chant, danse, tunes of son ège, le tout retransmis en télévision.

More of our experience is that the association of the noblesse of the Royaume de Belgique is also the decider of the coup. At 16 heures of the same day, a Concert Noble, 500 persons of the noblesse on the other invitées (for the 800 qui on the other version of a cadre for Elisabeth). The princess will be present with her parents, a milieu of the contests and the author of the family of the royal family. A discourse by the President of the Association of Noblesse, along with Bernard de Hemptinne, a senior medical doctor who has been specifically involved in the transplantation of the foie, is prior.

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More the jeune femme aura aussi l'occasion of fême son anniversaire de manière plus festive and moins cérémonielle. Comme le rapport Le soir mag, a private party with me, family and acquaintances is prior to the Laeken chateau, or retrograde, to a diner and a noteworthy, by the names of the European noblesse. Les devjournances devraient me to last tout le week-end.

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