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10 Perfect Couples – Season 04 Episode 53 of October 27, 2020 – 10 Perfect Couples

10 Perfect Couples - Season 04, Episode 53, October 27, 2020
This Tuesday, October 27, 2020 in 10 perfect couples on TFX: Vincent and Léa Mary continue to approach in Love Room 2.0. ! In turn, Seby Daddy continues his meeting with Eva in secret. Time for the eighth couple ceremony. Singles will put their strategy into practice! Tonight, it is the boys who choose the pairs. How many beams will they receive? In any case, the truth is that the ceremony is in danger of being electric. In fact, Eva has a revelation about Seby Daddy and Allan has a statement to make to Maïssane. Despite all this, singles will have to follow the established strategy. Find 10 perfect couples, Monday through Friday at 7pm on TFX.
10 perfect couples

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