Zia & # 39; Vijaya & # 39; in the new year


Jaya and Abir at the opening ceremony of the "Bijoya" poster. Photo: collected

The film "Bisrjan", directed by Tollywood composer Kaushik Ganguly, is widely discussed in India. Jaya Ahsan has received several awards as an actress in the film.

Kaushik Ganguly created an image entitled "Bijoya" as the sequel to "Bijaran". Many people know about this news. The new news is that it will be released in January next year.

The opening ceremony of the Bijoyar poster was held on Monday in Kolkata. Jaya Ahsan attended there. Abir Chatterjee played alongside Jaya in the film. Producer Kaushik Ganguly himself also acted in this.

On social media Facebook, Jaya Ahsan shared several images from yesterday's event, "The story after the abdication is coming in. You will see" Vijaya "in his theaters in January."

Jaya Ahsan is optimistic about this new image. Padma, Nasir Ali, and Ganesh Mandalas are coming back to the scene, and they are coming back to the scene. the big screen.Retrieving the sequel of victory.I believe that victors will win the hearts of all of you. "

Jaya Ahsan won the National Film Award for his performance in "Chaurabali & # 39 ;," Guerrilla & # 39; and & # 39; Zero Degree & # 39; in Bangladesh. Its latest release, "Debi", was released in October. The film is much loved by many countries, including Bangladesh, United States.


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