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Zaed to Mashrafe with Facebook, if not tolerated

Abu Zayed responded to 5 wickets on the day. Photo: AFP

Whether Abu Zayed is in the World Cup squad or not, many discussions have been discussed in recent days. Talk about it in social media, naturally playing a player. But Mashrafe's advice to Zaider is different

Suddenly a news spread in all three series, Abu Zayed can be withdrawn from the World Cup team. How much more about him that is from El Dublin And now there is social media. If someone says "ears have been taken" – without verifying the verdict, the number of people running behind those chilas is not less. Keeping the attention of your work so long is very difficult.

It was difficult to play an abusive match because Abu Zayed was undefeated in 56 races. The burden was being loaded. All players feel more or less nervous in the opening game. But Captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza felt as if he were being disturbed by outsiders, Abu Zayed could not trust himself. The captain's advice to him: "Bow down, as you can in the Premier League, BPL. Do not play in fear. Do whatever you want. There is nothing to fear.

Opening the second game, open the door and play the life. It has 5 wickets. So much discussion with him over the last few days, especially in social media, Abu Zayed did not do it, would do so well, "At first, I felt like getting a wicket.We can not get wickets in the last two games. first game and did not get out of the head.Mashrafe brother was saying a word, if you can pay social media, then use it.If you can not be left out.

Abu Zayed has shown that external pressure can be tolerated. In this, he is grateful to the senior players of the team: "Of course it must be bad." But they did not sweat it, Brother Riyadh (Mahmudullah), Mushfiq Bhai, the Mashrafe brothers were very inspired. questions do not bother you at all. If you play well, you should be on the team. "

Abu Zayed played well. It is far from the skeptics made with it. He can go to the World Cup smiling.

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