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The cricket players (to the right) trolled the social site in such a way that the shirt shirt changed (left) until the design announcement, the controversial green shirt. Photo: collected

The tigers have been in the country for the past two days in a World Cup shirt. The cricket plate is forced to change the shirt last. Almost all crocodiles have complained to the social site that there is a resemblance to Musharraf's shirt in Pakistan! However, Farhana Nasrin, a student at Dhaka University, said: "As we were accustomed to seeing the red-green shirt, there was no red color and I could not see the eyes. I do not think anyone who says this matches the Pakistani shirt.

On the other hand, the debate on jersey is ridiculous, said Shamima Rahman Shammi of Stamford University, "It takes time to understand the fact, the patriotism hidden in the shirt is ridiculous, and if green is the shirt of Pakistan, this is also ridiculous I did not have any personal choice, I liked the first shirt, now it's also like watching.

To prepare, a total of 20 jersey projects sent to the Bangladesh Cricket Council. Jersey Designer Mehtab Uddin Anwar Ahmed said: "We are told to design for an event, submit them, design again without choosing, then we choose what we like. We do not know about the process after sending the shirt, then the BC decide and send it to us. "

Bangladesh Cricket Council chairman Nazmul Hassan Papon told reporters during the undeterred event on April 29 when he told reporters that the shirt was there first. He said at the press conference on Tuesday, "I can not see if I want to see this, it is not so, there is a commission, they choose, projecting them." But yesterday I said that after saying that I did not even see, Mashrafei did not see, cricket players did not see either. The ICC sent our committee shirt and sent it to the ICC, ICC Bangladesh will write the text from red to white.

Bangladesh Cricket Board has decided to change the World Cup shirt in the face of strong criticism. That is why the Council has to go through the rules of the ICC. BCB Chief Executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury said: "There were red colors on the shirt, but we had written the name Bangladesh and the cricket player in red, but the ICC told us to turn white."

The ICC took a photo of its cover on Facebook and Twitter with this team photo from Bangladesh. All countries need to get ICC approval for their World Cup shirt. In this case, the BCB must register with the ICC. The ICC image of this shirt began to use it everywhere. The president of the Bangladesh Cricket Council, Nazmul Hassan Papon, faced journalists in the afternoon. He said he officially approved the ICC.

"When we went to unveil the shirt on the pitch," he said on Tuesday, "I did not see it, it's probably not seen by cricket players, but since we got ICC approval, we do not want to delay it."

What's with jersey:

• The Bangladeshi cricket team shirt was unveiled at the Sher-E-Bangla Cricket Stadium on Monday, April 29.

• Before that, some pictures of Jersey are scattered through social media, in which most comments express dissatisfaction with the shirt.

• When asked to comment on the photo of the Saifuddin cricket player's shirt on the BBC Bangla Facebook page, many people wrote "Good Luck in Pakistan & # 39; there.

• This means that many people are disappointed with the shirts found on the Pakistan shirt.

• Lots of vegetation, many say there is no red color, BCB Awais' shirt is all red.

• Many people say how Jersey Pakistan

• Many say how in Ireland

• Many people say red shirts like Zimbabwe

• The shirt is simple in many eyes.


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