Women should use borka, teachers should be women: Shafi


In her explanation of the girls' upbringing, the statement was made again by Ameer Hifazat and Darul Ulum Moinul Islam's director Madrasa of Hathazari of Chittagong, Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi. He said in the statement: "If you want to teach girls at colleges and universities, you will wear burka. Your teacher will be a woman.

In a statement sent to the media at night, he said those things.

Ahmad Shafi said in a statement not to distort anyone's speech: "You have to understand your words if you want to explain someone's statement." "You have to understand." It's kind of offensive to put an explanation in your own way. the more serious it is to use the self-interested controversial statement. If you want to write something, think about the right thing in a healthy brain.

"I am trying to present women as hostile and anti-women protesters," he said, "I have responded to these things.

Hifazat Amir said in the statement: "Once again, let's say, provide education for women in a safe environment and ensure the safety of their lives and honor.No one can push the daughter into an insecure environment.Because every day, when newspapers If there is a woman who is raped or murdered anywhere, rape, murder and laxity will not cease if morality is not attained, discrimination against women will not be removed, Islam restored the true honor of women. teach me higher education or college colleges, you will wear a burqa and your teacher will be a woman.

Indeed, on Friday, Hafazat Amir was present at the annual Mahfil of Dar-ul-Ulum Moinul Islam Madrasa, Hathazari, Chittagong, and promised not to send women to school and college.

At that time he said: "Do not give your girls to school and colleges. If you have more than four feet or up to five feet. If you get married, the husband will have to calculate the money. Let's write the letter to her husband. If you read more, if you read in the newspapers, you will not be your daughter when the girl reads grade eight, nine, ten, ma, ba. Anyone else will take away. Is there such a thing in the papers? Make a promise. You will not have daughters when you study more. Another man will be dragged.

After his speech, criticism of the country was created. So in a statement sent to the press on Saturday night, he claimed that a part of his statement was misrepresented in various media outlets. On Sunday he again made a statement on the subject.



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