Why Eid is so consistent!


NI Bulbul | June 12, 2015, Wednesday, 8:27

Watching the Eid festival ends Television channels have ended their Eid organized. After the Eid festival ended, the question was raised about the organization of Eid on TV channels. Discussion and criticism came in many subjects, including the channel's standard. Eid's eyes are always on the drama. TV channels broadcast several pieces every day to organize Eid Eid. In recent years, the channels have introduced a trend in the mini-series as well as in the block parts. This year's Eid was a mini-series drama on almost every TV channel. Many other people comment on the fact that the television series can not attract visitors. There's a question of how the audience is taking these shows during Eid. It was learned that after the two and a half episodes of Eid-ul-Fitr, the public did not see the audience again. Because visitors are also busy taking time to visit various places during the Eid or to have fun with other means except TVs. Meanwhile, there are differences in audience drama or more miniseries. At this time, after the promotion of television drama, is returning to YouTube. In the last two years, all the pieces that were discussed on YouTube are part of the drama. When asked why so many programs are being promoted at the Eid next door, Teipu Alam Milon, deputy managing director and chief editor of Baishakhi TV, said the reason for promoting Eid is a trade policy. A single drama is finally finished in the promotion. We can broadcast a miniseries with a double budget of a single drama for 7 days. As a result, our budget is also being saved. In this case, the channels are more beneficial than the manufacturers. This year, actress Eid Mousumi Hamid has had two successive moves. In the Eid series, he said, "I think the audience watching the drama-televised episode more." Because we're all busy right now, so there's no chance to see someone's game on certain occasions every day. but it does not seem to be the same as the one in the series of "Saudi Roses" and "Talimchari na hawa mithai" "in the Eid. Previously, he made a great response by creating series from series of" Arman Bhai "," Sikandar Box "," Avery Aslam "and" # 39 " "Eman's series is very different from its opposite," says Fatman, "and I'm not going to tell you what's wrong with the Eid series. public interest in the Eid series is a lot more. Especially the series that I created has all the viewers. visitors are watching the other series. I'm very comfortable to build the Eid series as a creator. Eid these dramas are available for a better budget than other times. Through the Eid series, the channels can keep their viewers for a while. Now all the drama channels are seen on YouTube after the promotion. If you do not see an episode watching TV, it's watching on YouTube. Meanwhile, according to the playwright, this year, several singles play a great response to the public. Because the public may end up seeing the only drama. The series is also seen by the public. But it is not responding at the hearing as a single drama.


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