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Although the opposition alliance has decided not to go to the United Front National Parliament after rejecting the results of the 11th parliamentary election, one of the leaders of the front said it will go to parliament and make a mental decision.

Sultan Mohammad Mansur, who was elected to Ghana's headquarters in Moulvibazar, said: "The decision not to go to parliament is not a decision of the voters, but 100% of the people who voted for me said that you go to parliament ".

In the elections held on December 30, he won the seat Maulvibazar 2 with the symbol of the united national front rice. Of the 300 seats, only eight were elected by the opposition coalition. Mansur is one of them.

A press release from the National Unity Forum on Monday said the decision not to go to parliament is still in effect. The allegation of fraud and large unit and its main allies rejected the results of the election.

Asked why he is thinking of going to parliament after the party's decision not to go to parliament, former Awami League leader Sultan Mohammad Mansur, a former vice-president of Duxur, told Bangla's Shakil Anwar that he was responsible for the voters because of his election.

"I am grateful to those who chose me despite the many adversities in the elections, they voted me for protecting their rights, developing the area and speaking for the people."

"National Coordinator of Conventions, Kamal Hossain, also said that it will play a positive role, which means that we will go to Parliament," he said.

He said, I will also play a positive role in taking oath. When will I tell you when I will do this?

In answer to that question, what will he do if his own party, Ghana, were to decide not to go to parliament? Ahmed said: "I was the candidate of the last election as representative of the national unity, as a member of the Steering Committee of the National Forum of Units, as the decision of this front, we selected the symbol of rice ear."

But is the rice symbol the symbol of BNP?

Answer: It was once Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani was the symbol of the NAP, the ear of rice. Later, it was the BNP brand. In the last election, I chose this as the national unified front. I did not choose as BNP. I am from the National Unitary Front as a follower of Bangabandhu.

Question: But voters in your area voted for you by observing the ear of rice.

Answer: I have voted to accept my personal position and acceptance as I have seen in the rice grains.

Sultan Mohammad Mansur said that rice xix could never gain from the seat of Moulvibazar. His claim that those who are not favorable to rice grains also voted for him.

He was elected deputy for the Awami League in 1996. He stated that he has not developed in his area in the last 100 years.

Asked what to do if the National Front of Unity, BNP, Ghana Forum and everyone else decide to go to parliament, Sultan Mohammad Mansur said: "I can not make the final statement at this time."


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