Who I'm going to take on the sea: ACC president


President of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Iqbal Mahmud Photos:

The chairman of the Commission Against Corruption (IADB), Iqbal Mahmud, said that, on behalf of the report, "lengthy comments" (missing comments) will not be made. Suggestions of facts and numbers (information data) should also be given.

He said, everyone can give a false report to everyone. You have to say that no government official, no political leader is doing corruption. Where is money making money? Otherwise, who am I going to get at sea? Who will find it? If your report has no reviews, there are no facts and figures, but this report will not be acceptable. The report name will not be passing comments. Suggestions with Facts and Figures also need to be provided. We have our cooperation with them. Then the mouth can not be accepted.

The ACC chairman said this while talking to reporters at his office at ACC headquarters in Segunbagicha on Tuesday.

TIB said at a press conference held at the capital's Maidas center on Tuesday morning that Bangladesh deteriorated in the concept of corruption in the year 2018. Today's position is 13.

On Monday (January 28), the Washington-based research firm GFI said in a report that in 2015 Bangladesh was only trafficked to 50,000 rupees. In the last 10 years (006-2015), the amount of money that was smuggled from Bangladesh stood at $ 6309 million or $ 5 billion 30 billion.

Although disagreeable, the Chair of the JSB welcomed the report of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) and Global Financial Integrity (GFI).

On the TIB report, the chair of the ACC said: "We told TIB before, that you used any method methodology, please let us know." Certainly they have analyzes (analysis). There are facts and figures. The report has not yet come to us. When we reach the hand, we'll see.

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He said if someone teaches the ACC what the job is, then the problem is that then we have the law, let's work on the crime that is marked. In addition, it is also true that the people of the country are aware of corruption. The TIB will not do anything with the report. Anticorruption will not be prevented by ACC. Only if we all know that corruption will be contained and mitigated, and there is development in the country. It's working. Whether TIB will admit it or not will also be said.

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