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A judge said: Where does Ossira get such courage?

The hearing came from the bench of Judge Nazmul Ahsan and Judge KM Quamrul Quader on Tuesday, hearing a written petition against Shyamnagar OC for not accepting the case.

The court reacted by reacting to the court's response that the hearing of the Shyamnagar OC Police Office of the Attorney General, Mohammad Saiful Alam Satkhira, has not been partially verified.

The court said, "Why did not OC take the case?" "We see with the rule, why did not he accept the case?" The OC leaders put up courts everywhere, and are they arbitrating if they take the case? But without the money the police station has no gym.

"Where are the OCs sitting in court sitting in the courts at night, where do they get so much nerve, how do they judge themselves?"

The court also said: "For the 13,000 people who sit in the police station, they can not be a full-fledged police officer, many policemen are living very hard, but many people see 4 to 5 houses. ? "

On February 15, around 11:30 pm, the village of Sora, at the Shyamnagar police station, was in Satkhira. Fazlur Karim's house was attacked. For this reason, Fazlur is responsible for his involvement with Yusuf Ali, responsible for that village.

He complained that he stole two thousand rupees in cash, sacked two gold chains worth Tk 80,000 and 50,000 rupees and, despite breaking, broke the wall of the house boundary.

Fazlur claimed that during the attack, he asked for help from the Shyamnagar OC Police Station. But the OC is busy with other activities.

Then Fazlur Kaliganj Circle ASP on the phone and along with 999 on the phone call, an ASI from the Shyamnagar police station came to the scene to ask for help. But then the attackers fled.

He went to Fazlur's house and called the ASI OC police station. At one point, Fazlul's conversation with CO was on ASI's phone.

He said the Organizing Committee had defended him: "you complain, you will not be prosecuted, you will not go to court."

According to Fazlur's statement, the CO will be "investigated again" if he pleads guilty.

He said the next day, SI Muniruzzaman's investigation of the Shyamnagar Police Station said, "the case will not be there." He took the chair with the president and resolved to solve it.

Fazlur rejected the arbitration offer and filed a written complaint with Satkhira's superintendent.

In light of the complaint, on February 26, the SP Shyamnagar police station asked the OC to take immediate legal action. However, the CO did not take any action on March 3, filed a written petition with the Supreme Court.

At the initial hearing on March 10, the court asked the Deputy Attorney General to inquire into the matter.

Assistant Attorney General Mohammad Saiful Alam said on Tuesday that the partial authenticity of the incident said a report was prepared.

The court then ordered the assistant attorney general to collect the investigation report and set the next hearing on Sunday.

Deputy Attorney General Saiful told bdnews24.com: "In the initial investigation, police found no evidence of looting, attacks and gold jewelry breaking, but obtained evidence of the dismantling of the rubble.After the court said so, the court said partial authenticity was broken in the pavilion. Why would not the police accept the case? "

The deputy attorney general told the CO that he had settled through arbitration over a family dispute, the judge expressed dissatisfaction and said, "The police do not have to do this. false evidence in the next investigation, the final report will be given or the accused will be released. "

The deputy prosecutor said: "The court has pointed out a survey that only 13,000 corrupt people are among the members of the police.Two million members are honest and good.So these 13,000 people can not be affected by the reputation of two lakh policemen" .

The court asked Shyamnagar police to submit the report within a week, keeping the position prominent during the week.


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