Where has the OCI received such courage?


Supreme Court.

Supreme Court. Archival Images

The Supreme Court expressed dissatisfaction with police officers working at the police station in Shyamnagar police station in Satkhira. A judge said: Where does Ossira get such courage?

The hearing came from the bench of Judge Nazmul Ahsan and Judge KM Kamrul Kader on Tuesday for hearing a petition against Shyamnagar OC Habil Hossain.

On February 15, a group of criminals beat Fazlul Karim from the village of Sora in the Shyamnagar Police Station and stole many possessions on February 15 after a dispute over land and property. He did not attach importance to this incident when the incident came to Officer-in-Charge (CO). Fazlul Karim did not accept the case, even if he wanted to file a case. CO would prefer to sit with the president and advise to resolve the matter. Fazlul Karim, who had filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court asking for guidance to take the case, said.

Asked at the beginning of the hearing, the case was partially true, Assistant Attorney General Saiful Alam said.

During this time, the court said, why not take the case of the OC? We see with the rule, why did not he accept the case? OC leaders put courts everywhere. Are they arbitrating that, if they are convenient, take the case? But without the money the police station has no gym. Whereas the court is sitting in court sitting in the court at night. Where do they get such guts?

The court also said that 13,000 police officers sitting at the police station can not be a full-time police officer for them. Many cops are living very hard. But many people see from 4 to 5 homes The country is a thief?

Attorney Shamsul Haq Kanchan defended the petitioner in court.

Deputy Attorney General Saiful Alam told Jugantar that the court made many remarks about police activity at the hearing.

He said: "In the initial investigation, police found no evidence of looting of gold, looting, breaking the door." But there is evidence of breaking the debris.After giving this information to the court, the court said, since it was found a partial authenticity in which the wreckage was broken.Why would the police not accept the case?

The court asked Shyamnagar police to file an investigation report to the Standover for a week.


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