Where does OCira police station have such courage ?: High Court – SOMOYERKONTHOSOR


Regarding police corruption, the Supreme Court said the incumbent (OC) is sitting in the courtroom all night, where they get so much nerve? How is the courage to judge oneself without courage?

The High Court, in a hearing on a court petition filed in Satkhira's Shyamnagar thana case, on Tuesday (2 April) filed suit.

The hearing began in the morning on the bench of Judge FM Nazmul Ahsan and Judge KM Kamrul Kader on the petition presented by Fazlul Karim, a resident of Satkhira.

During this time, the court said: "Many police tortures, but many people see 4-5 houses.For the 13,000 police stations at the police station, the whole police department is a bad name for them.Take suit as benefits, without the money in the police station, the GDO is not.

At the hearing, the petitioner's petitioner said that local people vandalized on February 15 at Fazlul Karim's house, a resident of Sora Shyamnagar village in Shyamnagar. In this incident, he referred to the names of five including Yusuf Ali and filed suit with the Shyamnagar Police Station, the interim officer offered to resolve the case without taking the case.

After the court suspended the request for a week.


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