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What poppy made the money earned?

Due to the downpour, there was a hint of an hour before the game, after the rain, who saw the 262 runs in slow spin field, why did not come 320? What is possible with this race is possible – it was believed that these seven folds were restless, all are comforted now.
Because the score is proven enough to win the players of Bangladesh, especially the spinner Shakib Al Hasan. Bangladesh defeated Afghanistan by a huge margin of 62 races on Monday.
In this victory Bangladesh maintained the hope of going to the semi-finals. Bangladeshi cricket fans are cleaning the Tigers well with this joy. He is on the list of stars from different eras. Those who try to stay free from the days of Bangladesh play. Enjoy the game.
Prayers wish Mashrafeera to win. Until yesterday, everyone prayed like this. In addition to praying, the filmmaker appeared to win the team. After firing in Afghanistan, he received 500 taka for the bet.
He also posted photos of 500 rupees on his Facebook page. He said, so always wants to win. In the caption of the photo, the heroine of & # 39; Coolie & # 39; joked: "I won the winner. You want to win like this.
He said: "The cricket comes with great pleasure in our lives.When I play Bangladesh, I have fun playing the game.Today watching the game at home.A few were afraid that Bangladesh would lose.Then we bet with them.Alhamdulillah, Tigers defeated Shakib, Mushfiq played very well tomorrow.

Winning the game won the game. So I thought I shared it with everyone. "His fans greet their favorite heroine to win the photo below.
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