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What did Samim Afzal do? – The Daily Amader Shomoy


Samim Mohammad Afzal did not do it? After 10 years as Director General, his "rule" was executed by the entire Islamic Foundation. Even after passing the exam, the nephew-nephew-sailikas, including relatives, pointed.

The expulsion of officials and employees for corruption, irregularities and freedom was a daily incident. He did exactly what he wanted. Ministry or someone from the Foundation did not give importance to words. The Islamic Foundation, which has been demanding the release of Sami Mohammad Afzal for a week, demanded exemption. Of the 27 directors of the organization, 20 are in a constant position with the launch of Samim Mohammad Afzal.

District and divisional officials and officials of Dhaka including the movement. Meanwhile, on the three-day holiday showing "disease," the government agreed to meet the high-level government on Monday to honor the prestigious DG EPA. But IFA Samim Mohammad Afzal has to face an investigation into allegations of irregularities, including the purchase order business. The people in question say that in February 2009, Samim Mohammad Afzal was appointed.

After that, despite the low marks on the fake certificate / written exam, the nephews-nephews-sailikas, including those close to him, were named. In these 10 years, the Islamic Foundation has established a union beyond family members, irregularities, irregularities, expulsion of officers and employees without charge and arbitrary allegations against it. Two complaints were lodged with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The ministry and the JSA initiated the investigation separately in this regard.

Samim Mohammad Afzal was called on his personal cell phone, but could not be reached. He did not get the cell phone. The message was sent but did not respond. But Religion Minister Sheikh Md. Abdullah said, there are allegations of irregularities and chaos in the Islamic Foundation. The ministry will investigate this. After the investigation, the truth of the allegations may be known.

According to the research committee of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, following the appointment in 2009, after the appointment of the Assistant Director of Femmida Begum, Sirajum Munira, his nephew Ehsanul Haq was present at the Baitul Mukarram mosque, Imam of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, assistant director of Shah Alam, Production Manager Rezwanul Haq Director, Misbah Uddin Accountant, Sailika Farzima Shami Recruitment allegations of different relatives of nakatistists, including Samim Mohammad Afzal, have been filed.

Nasir Uddin Sheikh, son of a freedom fighter, was not named in the quota reserved for the publication official by his nephew Rezwanul Huq and the fictional Charu Kala Charlika Farzima Sharmin was appointed to create a dispute between the IFA officers. Because of Deshi Futility, Fahmida Begum wrote 30 passages of 60 marks on written examination, but in the oral exam, she was shown passing with 27 out of 28.

In February 017, one of the ten positions of the first-class officer was appointed by the then Secretary of the Emirate for the illegal recruitment of relatives. Alfaz Hossain did not sign the resignation of the appointment. Therefore, Dr. Alfaz Hossain is showing the holiday by the director. With the responsibility of the secretary, Taher Hossain finalized these appointments, according to the indictment against Diese, more than 600 IFA staff were recruited in the last 10 years. During this time, he appointed two and a half employees daily without making any financial transaction, nepotism and appointment.

In the past, a year and a half ago, then project leader Zobayer Ahmed was accused of taking bribes to recruit teachers in 2020 from children based on mosques, mass education, Qawmi and Alia Nasab. The then Secretary of the Ministry of the then Secretary There was a dispute with Abdul Jalil. For this reason, the recruitment of the ibtaydoyee stage is still stuck. It is said in the ACC and in the ministry that Murid of Pir Mohammad Mohammad Ahsanuzzaman of IFFDG Samim Mohammad Afzal Narinder Mashrukhola Durbar.

In the Islamic Foundation, Bogdadi Qaida & # 39; was published on behalf of Ampara & # 39; but DIG changed the name of the PIR as a writer. For Pir, Tk 14 lakh royalty was given to Pir. The DG itself has also led millions of books writing 25 books in the IFa publication publication. These books are required for the training of staff and staff of the Islamic Foundation and the purchase of the library in the EFA-led library throughout the country. Again, despite the ability to have IFA, former Minister Latif Siddiqui printed the book and gave him financial assistance of Tk 70 lakh.

It is said in the complaint that Jalal Ahmed, known as Samim Mohammad Afzal, was retained for the post of deputy secretary of the third important post. He is the only official after Dixie, who has been in the same position for many years. Although Jalal Ahmed is the director of the Imam Training Academy, he is kept in the same position. Harunur Rashid, Taher Hossain, Shahabuddin Khan and Halim Hossain Khan, known as an assistant to Diese Corruption.

Harunur Rashid and Taher Hossain retired in 2012 and 2013, respectively, but by 2018, they were involved in the change of position. There were many meetings at different meetings during that time. After retirement, they used government cars, drivers and fuel. There is a complaint against ABM Shafiqul Islam and Majib Ullah Farhad for the appointment of field supervisor for children based on mosques and mass education.

Through the initiative of the Prime Minister, 560 model mosques are being built in each district and upazila level. The plaques are made for these mosques. The cost of each tablet is 1 lakh 14 thousand taka. Through the direction of the country's district officers, the work was done through DIG's older brother Mana.

Sources said that in 2010, the payment of BDT 1.8 million for the Islamic Foundation press machine was made, but the machine was bought in Tk 4.5 million The paper machine in Heidelberg was shown in Germany but was originally made in China.

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