What Batler said about "standardized"


Two weeks ago, the captain of Punjab, Ravichandran Ashwin, was named & # 39; Mancade Out & # 39; by Englishman Jos Buttler in the game between Rajasthan and Punjab. There is a storm of criticism and criticism of social media. But Butler was silent. At the end of the match, the English wicketkeeper faced the match.
Buttler, who scored unbeaten against Bangalore in Jaipur on Tuesday, gave Rajasthan a 7-fold victory over Rajasthan Royals. At that place, Ashwin was taken from the bank by the court. Butler said: "Then (at the time of leaving) it seemed so bad." He was out of the way, but he was not very happy about that. (Ashwin) I was in the crease, I do not agree with what happened. "" I do not know what to do, "he said. In 2015, in a one-day match against Sri Lanka, Butler was honored by the spinner of Sri Lanka Suchen Senanayake. Butler recalled the incident: "I'm probably the only person who got out of the way twice. It certainly does not happen like that." But Butler believes there is a need to stay out of the game because of cricket. But the wicketkeeper striker of England wants a change in section 41.16 of the ICC legislators with the standards. Butler said: "It must be in the law of the game, because the batter can not stay in the middle of the pitch, but there are also questions about the law." It is said in law, "the expected moment of delivery of a pitcher." a little weak ".

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