We go to Neymar-Mbaapa; Stay there: Coach PSG: -773297 | Kaler Kantho


After the end of the season, Neymar and Kylian Mbabake, from the team, worried about PSG The two stars may leave the top club of Paris. In the meantime, recently, Mbepa openly threatened. PSG coach Tomas Tukhkal is not sure of the future of these two young Turks. He is not afraid to leave his club.

On Sunday, 20-year-old Ambapay said, "I want to go to PSG or" somewhere else "to take more responsibility for the current season's best player award, the UNFP League One. his team, the buzz started.By the other hand, in an attempt to buy 22 million euros in August 2017, Neymar is ready to buy the Real Madrid cash bag for a few days after joining PSG.

Tuckel said: "As a coach, I want them to stay here, but it's football, we all understand, a lot of clubs want to have a lot of players, the party's foreign exchange market is open, but if you ask me, say I want them to be here but if they want to go, they can go.Then we will find alternative solutions.


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