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Warner is playing with a digital bat!


Warner is playing with a digital bat!

Inset bat detects device.

The Australian David Warner could not do an adulteration in a year. The players failed to score a single year in an international match.

However, the ban on the elephant opener quickly identified its own identity, cutting off the ban.

Upon returning to the field, he reported that the loss of one year without achieving it, Aziz

Indian rebound, charisma in the field, saw the IPL in this IPL.

He is also in the same shape as the country shirt and he is in the same shape. Half a century in the first two matches of the World Cup
Have done

After a long break, he would be praised for such a wonderful rebound. But there is no mention of his remarkable hitter being his hitter. There is no discussion or criticism.
And in the wake of this critique, Indian media have.

His claim, this is a mystery behind the style of Warner's hitters. He is using a special stick of information technology.

In the Times of India report on Warner Baton, it has been said that the southpaw has a & # 39; sensor & # 39; on top of the opener bat handle. The name of this sensor is & # 39; Bat Sense & # 39 ;. During batting, the distance of the batter body, rotation of the baton angle, the maximum speed of the baton and the amount of energy can be calculated with these censors. That's why a mobile app. At the end of the game all information will be revealed on the screen of the mobile. And in your analysis, the next game plan and performance will meet.

Warner said the Times of India bought an app called "Bat Sense" from an IT company called "Smart Cricket" based in Bangalore.

David Warner, an employee of the company called Absolute Srivastava, said he is using the & Sense Bat & Sense.

Although Srivastava could not say anything about the device used by Warner in his World Cup match.

Whatever the Indian media reports, such reports will not affect Warner at Warner. The ICC has approved the use of the technology "Bat Sense". You are allowed to use it in 2017. However, in these three years no batter can be seen to take advantage of this.

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