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Sunt Roy, a 15-month-old boy, dies after eating the vitamin A capsule in Sarishbari upazila of Jamalpur. On Saturday morning, the child's vomit and thin stool began after vitamin A capsules from the government program began and died in the afternoon. The child is the daughter of the Subdivisional Community Medical Officer (Sakomo) Survit Roy of the Sarishbari Upazila Health Complex.

The health department and local sources have confirmed that their caregivers undergo treatment at the Sarishbari Upazila Health Complex after taking vitamin A capsules after eating more than 500 children.

As part of the national campaign, Sunita Roy, 15 months, Saturday, at 11am Saturday, received vitamin A capsules for doctors, Survit Rai, with other children in the temporary field in the area. Ganmandan, in the municipality of Sarishbari. Since leaving home, the child has stopped vomiting. Then the child was attacked in a thin lice. The child was admitted to the Upazila Health Complex at around 3:30 p.m. Soon after admission, in the last 3 to 55 minutes, Sunita Roy died.

Doctors and staff at Upazila Health Complex first tried to keep the matter a secret. In one stage, after the vitamin capsule & # 39; A & # 39; was ingested after the news of the death of children, the revolt began.

Witnesses said that after drinking vitamin A capsules at different upazila sites, some children were vomiting. Many of them are having a thin cabinet. More than 500 parents from different places of upazila began treatment for the upazila health complex of affected children. As I related this, the children's race was growing until 9pm on Saturdays. However, the district health department has admitted confirmation of the death of a child after eating vitamin capsules, but the advice for the treatment of other children affected by the children is happening.

Meanwhile, the district health department has become quite active due to the death of a child after eating vitamin capsules. A special medical team led by the District Surgeon arrives at the Sarishbari Upazila Health Complex since the afternoon and is providing medical treatment for vomiting and thinning of disadvantaged children. Nutrition Appointment The international organization Mahfuza Ruma was also staying at the Sherishbari Upazila Health Complex from the afternoon. Local influential activists from the Awami League prevented them from going to the local health complex to gather information on the subject at night.

Jamalpur medical surgeon, Gautam Roy told Kaler Kantha around 9pm Saturday, "Sunita Roy Vitamin A" is a steam and fine stools after eating the "A" capsule. The child is the daughter of our team. He was admitted to the Health Complex and he was treated. But the child's condition is very dangerous because at one point he died. No children are admitted to the Upazila Health Complex.

She said, however many children became ill after eating vitamin A capsules. There is panic among other parents when there is awareness about the death of a child. Maybe that's why they're coming to treat their children. We are examining what is the reason behind the intake of vitamin A capsules. But at this moment nothing can be said.


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