Villain of reality Bollywood stars


There are some actors in Bollywood who came from the Hero in the industry. They have always played the role of heroes by their appearance. If the known heroes did no wrong in a little else. That means in the role of villain. But in the real-life villain, there are actors too.

Salman Khan: The actor was sentenced to five years in case of success and execution. Although he was in prison for a while, he was a prisoner. He also complained against him, he killed the Gypsy deer. Sallu Mia has another quality. Once a journalist slapped him. It's understandable how big the Salman villains are.

Sanjay Dutt: Regular drugs and illegal businesses also run Sanjay Dutt He was arrested for breaking the law and keeping arms on himself and being involved in the 1993 blasts in Mumbai. The entire film was made in different aspects of his life in Bollywood in Bollywood.

Saif Ali Khan: Saif Ali Khan, the small Nawab of the Pataudi Palace He was arrested for ripping the waiter in a restaurant. He was also involved in the murder of Salman's gleaming deer.

Shiney Ahuja: The owner of the house is accused of raping her. The case was also filed on behalf of the police. Which is not always good for the actress. Although Shauni's wife tried to save her, she could not show any evidence. The result is their arrest.

Rajpal Yadav: He is well known in Bollywood as a comedy actor. But he had to spend 10 years in prison for not paying about five million rupees. Recently another case of embezzlement was moved against him.

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