Up Nandi, at the General Hospital of Singapore, is as follows


Up Nandi, at the General Hospital of Singapore, is as follows

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Legendary singer Top Nandi was taken seriously on Tuesday. The singer began treatment at the Singapore General Hospital. Nandy's son-in-law said. Rajesh Shikdar

He said the Up Nandi admission process at the Singapore General Hospital was completed at 5 pm in Bangladesh. Aerial ambulances carrying Nandi Rise arrived in Singapore an hour and a half before arriving in Singapore. Top Nandi is with his daughter Phalguni Nandi.

It is known that the condition of Up Nandi remains unchanged. After the treatment began, the doctors expressed their hope of a quick recovery.

Earlier, at Shahjalal airport in the capital on Tuesday at 10h40, an air ambulance departed for Singapore with Up Nandi. The air ambulance arrives in Singapore at around 2:30 p.m.

An air ambulance from Singapore arrives in Dhaka on Monday night to take up Nandi. After flying, the mechanical error is found in the field and lands immediately. Because of this, it was not possible to take him to Singapore on Monday night, Up Nandi was taken to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH). After another aerial ambulance, Up Nandi was taken to Singapore.

The coordinator of the National Burn Institute coordinates the Up Nandi treatment. Samant Lal Sen He said, Rising Nandi was taken to Singapore for better treatment under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The prime minister took full responsibility for his treatment. The authorities of the Singapore General Hospital were contacted. Green sign found in Nandi Up Treatment. All the arrangements for a better treatment are there.

Up Nandi was returning from Sylhet with the family on the evening of April 14. Along with Uttara, suddenly his physical condition became very bad. He was forced to get off the train and was taken to HCM in an ambulance.

Subar Nandi has sung more than 2500 songs in his 40-year long career. From radio to televisions, and then many other popular songs in the film.

In 1981, their debut album, "Up Nandy's Song", was released in the market by the disco flag.

However, in the film, he composed for the first time the 1976 film "Suryajagraha", directed by Abdus Samad.

He won four National Film Awards for the film. And this year, the Bangladeshi government awarded the country's second highest civilian prize, Ekushey Padak, to Nir Nir.

Sub-Press Secretary Ashraful Alam Khokan said earlier, in 1998, the Prime Minister gave all kind of assistance to the two phases for the treatment of Up Nandi.


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