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Two more countries received one-day status: -763248 | Kaler Kantho

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has taken the initiative to spread the cricket without being confused with some teams. This is why the status of a day is given to a country after testing the tests. Following the United States and Oman, the one-day status of the International Cricket Council (ICC) was won by the two neighboring countries, Namibia-Papua New Guinea.

Namibia defeated Hong Kong by 151 races in the qualifying round of the ICC Division of the Cricket World Cup. Papua New Guinea also lost by 145 races to Oman Namibia and Papua New Guinea gained one-day status in this victory As a result, Namibia had the opportunity to play international one day after the 2003 World Cup.

Due to receiving a status of one day, Scotland, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Oman have partnered with & # 39; Liga 2 & # 39; Namibia and Papua New Guinea. These teams will play 36 matches in each of the 22 years between them to have the chance to play the World Cup 2023. From then on, the best teams will have the opportunity to play in the World Cup.

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