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Today, on Sunday night, the holy Shabbrat or Laylatul is quoted. Muslims from around the world celebrate tonight as the night of fate. Tonight, they ask Allah for forgiveness for their past sins. And pray for blessings for future happiness and prosperity. According to some scholars, the people of Shababara decide the fate of next year, Allah. For this reason, Muslims observe special prayers, including night prayers, prayer, holy recitation of the Qur'an, Milad Mahfil, in the mosque and at night in the mosque.

Meanwhile, the DPA Metropolitan Police (DMP) has announced a ban on carrying fireworks, fireworks, other harmful items and pollutants on Shababar.

Ramadan month after month of Shaban is the month of Ramadan. After 15 days of fasting, Ramadan fasting or a month of fasting begins. This is why the Shabbirat has a special meaning for Muslims.

On April 6, after the meeting of the National Moon Observing Committee, it was announced that on this day (6 April) the moon of Shaban in 1440 Hijri was nowhere to be seen in the country. That is why the last day of the month of Rajab will be on April 7 (including the last day of April 6). And the beginning of Shaban's month of April 8 (of the last night of April 7) will begin. Accordingly, on the evening of April 21 lalatul will be celebrated in the evening. But leaders of an organization called Majlisu Ruiyatul Hilal International said that on April 6 the moon was seen in different parts of the country. Confusion comes after this announcement. The National Moon Watch Committee sat down at an emergency meeting on April 13 to remove the confusion. An 11-member sub-committee was formed by convening Maulana Abdul Malek from the meeting. The committee was asked to resolve the confusion by 17 April. Meanwhile, 10 people on the organization's flag want the court's permission on April 15 to appeal the Supreme Court's ruling. But the court asked them to wait until April 17. At the same time, they gave their statements to the Director General of the Islamic Foundation in writing.

In the continuation of this, on April 11, an 11-member committee composed of academics and academics sat down at the meeting. Following the meeting, Alhaj Lawyer Sheikh Md. Abdullah told the press conference that, according to Islamic Shariah, the decision of the Moon National Committee on 6 April was retained as no witnesses were seen at the meeting.

Fireworks are forbidden
Police Commissioner Aashaduzzaman Mia has banned the transportation and execution of fireworks, fireworks, other harmful and polluting items, and has banned the use of Section 28 of the DMP Ordinance for the holiness and holiness of the Holy Shabarata. According to the request, the restriction will remain in effect from 18:00 tomorrow at 18:00 on Monday. The city was asked to comply with this restriction.

Prime Minister calls for self-sacrifice
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called on all to establish awareness of Islam at all levels of people in social and national life and motivate them to build human well-being and the country by inspiring the sacred Shabbaratite. The prime minister called this on Saturday in a message given on Saturday on the occasion of the Shabbrat.

In the message, the prime minister gave Mubarakabad sincere to all Muslims and all Muslims of the world on the occasion of the Shabbrat. He said: "Let us, in spite of all sorts of superstitions and good wishes, establish the religion of peace in Islam at all levels of the person, society and national life."

The Prime Minister said, the blessings and blessings of Allah Almighty Allah, bringing blessings to the people of this evening of good fortune. Tonight he displays the greatness of showing forgiveness and fulfilling prayer. He wishes: "Holy Shabbirat will bring messages of peace, prosperity and development to all of us and Allah Almighty will protect us all."


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