To respond to the problems of the poor, rulers should respond to Allah: Imran


The authorities are accountable to Allah for the suffering of the poor: Imran

Photo: Don Online

Pakistan's prime minister, Imran Khan, said that due to lack of education, the poor suffer due to lack of medical treatment, the rulers are accountable to Allah.

He said this on Friday at a public meeting in Kalaiya, home of the tribal district of Orakzi.

Pointing to the reversal of the central cabinet, he said that a good captain is always watching his team. Sometimes there are changes in the format of batting. There may be a new person who needs to take a new player from the previous player. To win the game, this will be done.

He believes that national development as prime minister is his only concern. Imran Khan said that because of that, I changed the style of batting on my team. I changed a couple. I will do this in the future too.

"I want to tell all the ministers, who will not come to the work of any country, they will be replaced by the new ones, who will benefit the country," said the former cricket star.

Imran Khan said that the chief ministers of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa should be interested in his tactics. For the suffering of the poor, rulers are accountable to Almighty Allah. If your children are deprived of education and treatment then we have to be held accountable for Allah.

The Prime Minister said that I spoke about the problems faced by people from tribal areas 15 years ago. We have now brought them in front of the Pakhtun Tahaffuz Movement (PtM).

I talked about the death and expulsion of innocent people. The PTM is saying the same thing. But their argument is not in the tribal area or the interests of Pakistan. "

The old cricket legend said that I criticized the army for the sake of the United States in tribal areas. Because tribal people are our army.


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