This time, Rosho-Villiers beating Badly in Cravo


Craven Knights that will stop? Perhaps the issue will grow even more so in BPL. The first games were a win-win game. But since the days of ABD Villiers, Durbara Mashrafe Mortaza, They will win from that day. Rajshahi Kings scored the fifth consecutive victory. In all, the seventh. At the top of the table.

Rajshahi hit first on Tuesday night to get rid of Rajshahi. In the race of persecution, Mostafizur Rahman, despite the bowling of Mehdi Hasan Miraz, did not have the slightest problem in Rangpur.

Rajshahi's 142th goal from Rangpur easily crossed Chittagong Stadium Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury. 8 wickets in hand 6 wickets.

Villiers and Alex Hales made a great partnership in the last game to win Rangpur. This is the second part of the exciting second game with Villiers Rousseau.

Chris Gayle, one of the four "Rangers" of "panic", was still dirty. 14 of the 14 balls and about 10 races in the middle of kirpakat knockdown. Hales Tecneni Long

But there is nothing to worry about the current champions. Swansea Villiers brings a storm with Rooso, who is in the best shape of the tournament. After a partnership of 71 balls with 43 races, the partnership of Fifty (55) So there was no great doubt about the victory of Rangpur. Villiers was sent off for 37 runs in 27 balls on the way to Rousseau. But only 15 had to win. Mohammed Mithun and Nahidul Islam struggled in the effort.

After winning, Johnson returned to the ground with a glimpse of the storm. Mominul Haque has returned. Soumya Sarkar was Kholalsandi The pressure was also increasing on the team. He also left with the caps and left. Only pace was Laurie Evans. Rajshahi was eager to collect shoes on his staff.

Shahidul said he was caught in a hurry and was caught by Nahidul. Rajshahi is in danger, then goes to the state. Mahmood and Kais Ahmed formed some resistance from there, but the Kings could not even touch 150. It was discovered that Rangpur's explosive line of attack was no less than a little later.

Short Score:

Rajshahi Kings: 141/8 (Charles 12, Soumya 14, Mominul 4, Evans 35, Miraj 6, Yankar 16, Fazle Mahmud 18, Kais 22, Sunny 1 *, Mostafiz 4 * Nazmul 2/39, Mashrafe 0/20 25, Farhad 1/30, Nahidul 1/14, Shafiul 0/3, Shahidul 2/28)

Rangpur Riders: 18.4 overs 145/4 (Gayle 10, Hales 16, Rousseau 55, Vilines 37, Mithun 4 *, Nahidul 11 ​​*, Miraz 1/24, Sunny 1/29, Mostafiz, Kais 1/29, Kamrul 1 29)

Result: Rangpur Riders won by 6 wickets.


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