This time I did not test my father's lap


There is no doubt, it is not possible. But there is no lack of morals. There is a strong desire to accept your higher education. So she attended the HSC exams at the Dhunat government graduation center on her father's lap. Previously, he had successfully participated in the JSC and SSC exams.

His name is Nai Khatun, known as Hasee. The house is located in the village of Bahalgacha of the Chaukibari Union of Dhunat upazila of Bogra. Name of father Nazrul Islam.

Nite Khatun participated in HSC exams at the High School of the University of Barhighagacha-Bahalgacha in Upazila this year. He has been physically deficient since birth. There is no way to understand it at a distance. He has two legs but no strength. So you can not stand or walk. Your right hand does not work either. Just sit down and write with your left hand pen. Parents and mothers came to study in the lap Before gaining the barrier with the force of the force and strength of the left hand, the JSC and SSC exams before that. He managed.

Nater's mother, Akter Jahan, said he attended school and college with a girl and a half-mile a day for 13 years. In her previous exams, her daughter did a good job. Then he forgot all the sadness. She wants to make more trouble for her daughter's future.

Naseer's father, Nazrul Islam, said: "Although the girl is deficient, her intense interest in education. He was successful in the JSC and SSC exam.

Nay Khatun said, if there is a will, there is no power in the body, and hence! He began his life with a strong desire and a power of hand. He does not want to be overwhelmed by anyone's head. By learning to study, he wants to be an ideal teacher in the future.

Babalagacha – Vishwarghegachha College Exercising Director Ranjan Kumar Chakraborty said he tried his hardest to make Naye Khatun, his physical disability, from his college this year to take the HSC exam. He will receive all kinds of support for higher education.

The director of DUND Government Degree College, TI Nurunnabi Tariq, said that an additional time of 30 minutes more than the scheduled time for the disabled student, Naye Khatun, is fixed.


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