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The heroes of Tanaa Tasania began working on a big screen through the movie "Bhola of the game." Then he released "Dhumketu & # 39; by Shafiq Hasan, opposite Shakib Khan. He worked on the movie "Zahe Thheko", the last-minute favorite producer, Zakir Hossain Raju. Arifin Shuvo receives Tanah as the hero in this film So, speaking, he was doing very well with his film career. But he is far from new movies for a long time. Asked why, Tanah Tasania said, I did not work much. After the release of the films I received, I received the offer of acting in several new films, but now there is no professional producer in the film. And I do not want to work without good quality photos. So if you get a job offer, but do not say on the stick, the new movie is not working due to the fair. However, Tanah did not sit in Tasania. He has been working as an advertising model for RFL products recently under the guidance of Russell Shikdar. After that, Vashavi also worked as a fashion model house in this Boishak. Now Tanah is working on a small screen. About this, he said: "We came back to Bangladesh filming two seven-episode plays recently under the direction of Adivasi Mizan and Yuvraj Khan." In addition, I have worked on some short films by Live Technology and Tiger Media. I do not want to name them. It will be a great surprise for everyone. And I'm going to work in front of the web series. Finally, the image is released, Tanhar is released. The actress, who offered her many photos, failed. Slowly understood that he is listening to the audience. He also attended a show at the Sharjah Expo Center in Dubai. In addition, Sameetra Ghosh was acting as a model in two music videos entitled & # 39; Ek Naam Naine & # 39; under the direction of Asif Akbar, & # 39; Ek Akhata Hain & # 39; and "Choir Naan Hai", directed by Corriugera Habib, Tanah Tasania also received a lot of response. Recently, Tanha acted and directed for seraj dev, a series of five episodes titled "Never Unknown & # 39; was broadcast on Bengali TV. Many stars are currently working on the web series. Tanaho worked on a series on the web. But he does not want to talk about it now. Speaking about another series on the web, Tanha said there is a talk about another series on the web. I'm going to play on the bat. After a few days I would like to inform everyone about this problem. And currently participating in the TV show as a guest. In front of the occasion, we will attend various events on the occasion of the Eid. Tanha also said, I'm the man in the movie. So we're waiting for a good movie. If you receive a new photo, please give a gift to the public. This is marriage? Answering this question, Tanah Tasania said, may be known to everyone at the time. I do not want to say anything about it right now. You want to move on working.


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