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There is more information about bribery & # 39;


DIG Mizanur Photo: Archive, Collected

The director of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Khandker Enamul Bazzar, has more information on the bribery, said DIG Mizanur Rahman, linked to the police headquarters.

He said there is evidence of all kinds of evidence for audio. The Anti-Corruption Commission must verify the authenticity of the bribery and refer it to the commission in question. Let's see if this Vocalata is his (Enamul Bachir). Then the subject will be clear.

Meanwhile, the director of the ACC, Khandaker Enamul, filed a bribe claiming that the claim and based on which audio was published, is called full manufacturing.

Regarding audio leaks, DIG Mizanur Rahman said, "I did this to save myself." I have all the records. "Let me show you everything when I call." He also said that the Khandaker director Enamul Bachi has created prasar for bribing in different ways.You want to meet again and again In view of this, he met Bachi and gave a bribe.

DIG Mizan said, when I saw that this man is corrupt, then it must be proven. I tasted it. I got money from the bank. I have received all the money from my relatives and I have all the information. I will prove the commission of inquiry in time.

For the ACC, he said, I do not want anything wrong with the commission. I want justice according to the law. If they do not pay, then I have to take refuge legally. I hope the investigating officer does not feel angry with the anger, but as a member of the independent neutral commission, I will do justice to myself.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) began an investigation into the issue when a large amount of illegal wealth was reported against Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Mizanur Rahman, who stepped down on charges of torture of women. ACC director Khandaker Enamul Bachir was in charge of the investigation.

During the investigation, DIG Mizan stated that Biswas received a bribe of Tk 40 lakh. In that regard, DIG Mizan released the audio related to the bribe to the director of ACC, Enamul Bachir. As part of the investigation into the allegation of accepting bribery, ACC suspended Enamul Bachir for allegedly dumping information. At the same time, he initiated a separate inquiry into whether he received money from bribery and where he has money, he said.

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