The winning boys will not be lost!


Nazmul played against the Maldives against the bandage. Photo: collected

Bangladesh has won an undefeated U-15 champion But will not these talented teens be lost?

The Bangladeshi football team won the clean-up title for under-15 football in Nepal. Celebrating that teenage talent through social networking We've seen this, let's not lose this talented talent!
The alarm is not uncommon. This is the style of football in Bangladesh. We always did well at the age of football. These teams are always sticking to talented players from the opposite extreme of the country. But most of the talent is missing in the absence of the country's top soccer association. As lost in 2015, sub-15 championship players in Sylhet lost, they lost in the AFC U-16 football tournament in Qatar last year and the boys beat Qatar 2-0. The BFF has forgotten the promise and the clubs are fools. If there were any competition in destroying the genius, surely Bangladesh would be on the "best" list!

Bangladeshi football players were fascinated by the first game in Nepal. Teens, who lost by 9 to 0 to the under-15 team, who are now out of competition in the Maldives in the senior stage. In this match, Nazmul's mind in playing the hero with the bandage on the heroes has thrills emotions in the country's football fans. However, neither this team nor any physiotherapist or physician was sent. If it is his determination, then in the semifinals and the final, it is necessary to talk about the promise and confidence of goalkeeper Mehdi Hassan to stop five kicks in the tie-break against India and Pakistan. Why will these boys be lost? Why will not BFF invest them separately as their future star?

This team, which went to Nepal without Fiji, took only two and a half months to prepare. They did not have the opportunity to play any preparation match. Coach, former football player Mustafa Anwar Parvez took an average of these players. The rest of the teens were compensated for their talents. Finally, they did not disrespect the country's shirt. A great success gave to the field soccer

Success says! What is still silent Bafoof? As promised, the long-term plan for teenage players was promised. Make a special contract with them. Just as they gave the winning team of 2015, losing to Qatar in 2017. However, BFF Secretary General Abu Naeem Sohag promised to keep the promise: "The party will go to Sylhet tomorrow morning." We have special plans for them. They will also have an agreement with them.

While Sohag was saying this, the president was sitting next to BFF president Kazi Salauddin. There is no alternative to finding the young talent to take the country's football in the next few days, who is better than Salahuddin and who understands? He heard the title of semi-finalist and goalkeeper Mehdi finalist? He said: "We do not want anything, the BFF holds us. They should provide better training for us. "
What can not be expected in exchange for a trophy, Mehdiara?


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