The way the ICC is fooling everyone today …: – 753677 | Kaler Kantho


The governing body of the game world was seen with much initiative to make cricket more popular for a long time, ICC said. The age is changing, so cricket is trying to change itself. There was a change in the rules. There are more changes coming. But today, on the first day of April, the government issued several new laws together. Cricket fans were quite shocked to see the ICC tweeting one after another. What's the problem? Why so many changes together?

ICC tweets have said that if the temperature is over 35 degrees Celsius, test players will have a chance to make shorts as football players! It has been said that since the throw was too old to play the throw, the decision to throw the bat was not very popular; So the ICC is changing the bid. Elections will be made on twitter instead of playing in the world test championship. Fans fans can decide sitting at home, who will beat and who will field!

There are more interesting laws in ICC tweets. For example, the player decided to use the number of shirts on tests. It will also have the Instagram account address in place of the name! After the capture, the field team will have the opportunity to play double-wickets. This means that if the other end batter is out of the crease, it may run out. Two new names will be added to the cricket. No ball will now be called "Failures" in terms of sneakers. And the dots ball will be called sneakers like "Ais".

Here it is, but not the end; Twenty-two sessions will be scheduled in the evening session or in the last session. That means that in the four turns, eight runs and 12 Otherwise, if the organization that is in charge of the transmission, the commentator may be behind the slip! The last and most important rule is that if the teams are knocked out in the World Test Championship; However, the rules of football will be effective. This means that those who score more races in the opponents field will win.

Those who still can not understand that the ICC is making everyone April Fool '; They must have realized that line.


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