The survival of cricketer cricketer Altaf Hossain


Sports Desk: Syed Altaf Hossain, a cricket mogul, suffered from various disorders after being diagnosed with meningitis in 2009. Once a former cricketer returned from coma, this is the personality of Bangladesh cricket coaching and the award-winning national athlete. However, he died at the age of 81. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) expressed condolences for his death.
Altaf Hossain was originally a pacer. But he was also well versed in battles. With which he was named as the first Bengali cricketer on the Pakistan Cricket team's test team in 1965. Although he did not reach XI in the series against New Zealand at that time, however, from 1961 to 1969, the pacer was one of the main supporters of East Pakistan. It was held until 1982. In the life of cricket, refereeing began in the 1970s. The first-class game held by the referee of the Pakistan Cricket Board Not only that, but also the craftsman to make the cricket of Bangladesh.
Born in Hooghly in 1938, Altaf was caught up in a major tragedy in 1987. At the time of the communal riots, he lost two brothers. So he came with his mother in Dhaka. Then it developed like a tree of sporting bots.
Aftaf's career began in 1954 at the Kaeded Azam Club. He then played at the Mohammedan Sporting Club, Wanderers, PWD, East Pakistan Gymkhana and Shantinagar Club. Not only that, he was well versed in third division football and the Dhaka field. In the end, however, the pacer went on to become a professional cricketer.
After independence, Altaf became the coach of the National Sports Council in 1971. He later took that profession to new heights. He was one of the players in the field of independent Bangladesh. He is the first coach of Bangladesh for the training course of the National Sports Institute in Patiala, India. After the coaching course came from England. 1990 Asia Cup was also deputy manager of Bangladesh team Kam Koch. The team & # 39; A & # 39; and age groups were in charge many times.
Altaf also played an important role in women's cricket in this country. In 1983, Dhaka Abahani first went to Calcutta by his hand. Being impressed by the fact that the BCB in 1997, he was responsible for the formation of a women's team. By 2006, the ex-pitcher had made every effort to fulfill this duty. He won the National Sports Award in 1999 along the way. Finally, after being infected with meningitis in 2009, there was about 24 hours in a coma. Although he returned on the journey, he died the day before and died. While one in the country of cricket, one Altaf Hossain will also remember them all.


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