The song that sings the best interpreter of the Nobel in Saragampe


The popular music show & # 39; Saregampa & # 39; is featured on G Bengali Television in India. Participating in the competition, Bangladeshi candidate Moinul Ahsan Nobel discussed this. Visitors to two Bengalis are enjoying their performance.

The videos they are making are becoming viral. They are reading millions of views. He brought some new songs from the popular band from Bangladesh for a new discussion. The judges also touched the heart of his singing and strong performance.

Last Saturday (January 12), Nazrul sang all the songs singing the Nobel.

The song & # 39; Caraar iron kapat & # 39; is now sung by viral social media. After that, on January 13) after the introduction of all participants, he was declared "Performer of the Week" this week. The judge's verdict has been finalized & # 39; Performer of the Week & # 39; at the end of each week.

Meanwhile, Nobel has also been discussing singing in a Kolkata movie. He has heard that he will sing in the movie of popular Marathi filmmaker Sajit Mukherjee. Anupam Roy, the popular singer of music, composed the lyrics and melodies.

Prior to that, Nobel praised the music of Anupam & Saragampa. Anupam himself was in the judge's seat during the ceremony. He praised the Nobel Prize.


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