The smartphone is one of the world's leading artists


Based on performance, the top 10 Android phones were listed by Anattoo Benchmark. There are two phones in the Huaweer Mate series, two Shawmis phones at the top and two in the next two positions.

Smartphone Performance Measurement Benchmark And one of the most popular reference services in the world Nanutube recently launched the best-performing smartphones in October. Recently, almost all companies have launched their flagship. These flagship smartphones were listed in the Antootu list.

In October, the top three of Antutu Banjarmer, Met 20 by Huawei, Met 20 Pro and Mate 20 X The three smartphones in Huawei's flagship series hit the market in October. These three phones have the latest Kirin 980 chipsets. This chipset has only 7 nm architecture designs. On the other hand, the Snapdragon 845 chipset has 10nm architecture. Thus, the smartphone in the first three could not see the phone chipset Snapdragon 845.

The name of the Vanplas Six named was not listed on October 29 as the new phone was not included in the list. For this reason, the new Shawmy MI Mix 3 phone and Anaar Magic 2 were also not included in the list.

Huawei's Mate 20 is number one on the Antoeto benchmark list. This phone dialed 311840. Mate 20 Pro has two numbers with 307693 points. Antenuten Benchmark score of 302112 of 20x Met in three numbers.

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