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The poems of Natore's Banalata Sen are all known. Where the poet's imagination is about the love of a simple woman in Natore Perhaps if Jibanananda Das was alive, then, in fact, another simple man from Natore wrote the book of Islam in Taijul. The guarantor who gave the country a cricket of "quiet peace" now will not be wrong. He is also the captain of the country, one of the best spinners Shakib Al Hasan. The staff was not due to injury. However, he did not understand his lack, Taijul did not understand. He took responsibility for his shoulders against Zimbabwe. Giving the team 18 wickets in two matches, gave the team the comfort of winning Even Shakib returned, but he did not change. He also has 7 wickets in two innings in the first game against the West Indies. To tell you, he's a great spinner for the opposition batsmen in Bangladesh. What is your incredible technique in front of the Bagha Bagha beaters? However, what Taijul said was a simple strategy. In a press conference yesterday, he said: "In the first rounds (against the West Indies), the plan was the same, the next turn is also the same. wicket is not available, then reduce the races so that players from other ends have the advantage of getting wickets.It's like playing cricket A race, one will receive a wicket.A few run less, others give more.
Four spinners in the peloton against the West Indies They also get in Taijul. 7 wickets in the game, 6 in the second round. It is not a straightforward direct attack strategy, in which the scouts came with wickets. But Taijul did not knock behind the wicket. He goes to the ball in one place. Experiment with the batsmen can not run the race. With his own strategy, Taizul said, "Whatever four or two people are attacking, I always try to force the ball on the test." I tried to do well. It's a question of the wicket, but it's a matter of forehead. "But he not satisfied with that. The spinner feels that he needs more improvements in his bowling. Said: "I think it's possible to make more progress. That's why we need a little time. Cricket testing is very difficult. It may look different from the outside, but the situation is different in the field. When we went to the field, we had to watch many things. So there is a matter of time.
On the other hand, Taizul Islam is doing one registration after another. In front of the West Indies, he reached the world record against him. Taizul took 6 wickets by 33 runs in the second round of the Chittagong Test against the West Indies. Both of the top five bowling figures of the Cricket Test in Bangladesh are now both. The previous was 8 wickets against 39 runs against Zimbabwe. It's not the end here, Taizul set another record at the Chittagong Test. Mohammad Rafique surpassed the record for most wicket-makers in a calendar year for Bangladesh. In 2003, Rafiq had 33 wickets. So far this year, 40 victims of Taijul Now he has the opportunity to become the world's biggest bettor of cricket in a year. Kagiso Rabada has 46 wickets so far this year. In addition, he took 100 wickets in test cricket tests. And that's the least test match. Now 94 wickets in their 22 tests Shakib Al Hasan, the fastest of 100 test participants in Bangladesh in 28 tests Cricket fans and intellectuals are thinking about their record. But the thoughts of the record are not in Taizul's mind Said: "There's nothing in my head. I always try to play well, that's what I'm going to do. Always have the thought, this will be done. If the shutter is on the forehead, then come. If the ball is really good then there is the possibility of getting wickets. I'll try to make good balls.
There is a great way. Many people think of Shakib as an alternative. But he did not agree to compare Shakib to himself. Taejul said: "In fact, in Asia, we can not compare anyone with or without Shakib's brother. So, after Shakib's brother, when I get wickets, I feel pretty good. It seems I can not be like Shakib's brother, but I can walk at least one day. Brother Shakib is one, he compares no one.

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