The retirement of Malinga before the World Cup!


Only 40 days will be played after the Cricket World Cup. The council has already announced the announcement of the councils. The Sri Lankan Cricket Council (SLC) has announced that the 15-member squad will go on April 18. An experienced cricket player like Lasith Malinga is on the team. Although he has not been named captain. He took responsibility for the shoulders of Dimuth Karunaratne

Despite being a senior on the team, Malinga became quite skeptical not to give the captaincy. That is why the retirement of the World Cup was indicated earlier. There is a tide of discussion on Sri Lanka Cricket.

Through a social network, Lanka wrote in a cricket group and wrote in English: "We will not be seen more in the field. May God bless all those who support me. Blessings!

Malinga's indication increased the storm of discussions in the Sri Lanka Cricket. "It must be remembered that Malinga should not be a bigger problem than playing for the country," said one country cricket council comrade. Besides, Malinga was also unsuccessful as captain. 13 out of 14 games lost. It must be thought of him

Annoyed the officer said still, Malinga can retire if he wants. They have their cricket players ready for the World Cup.

But whatever the official says, experts believe that if Malinga retires before the World Cup, it may affect England's mission.

Bangladesh Time: 1930 hours, April 20, 2015,


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