The reality show Mr. Bangladesh & # 39; started in March


Showbiz table: Last year's film Mr. Bangladesh & # 39; is coming online in the form of the series. The producer and producer of the film, Khizir Hayat Khan, said the film will come in March this year. It will be published consistently based on the reality show.
The illustrator of Mr. Bangladesh & # 39; gave another good news. The film, which will fight for the golden fox award at the Calcutta International Film Film Festival, said.
The film 'Mr Bangladesh', directed by Abu Akterul Iman, was created on the occasion of more than one terrorist attack on the country. Kheeni and Script Write together Khejir Hayat Khan and Hasnat Pius.
The first production of the KHK Productions banner was performed by the goddess Shanu. Tiger Ravi, Shahriar Sajib, Shamim Hassan Sarker, Merian and others also played.
Khizir Hayat Khan said: "Our team has already got there. I'm going today (January 15). January 17 & # 39; Mr. Bangladesh & # 39; you will see the spectators of Kolkata. The two-day festival starts on January 16th.
Meanwhile, the producer said, "Your goal is like the Bollywood actor's TV show, Aamir Khan, & # 39; Satyamev Jayate" .But it was indore.And we go overseas.Talk about our horrible problems Try to solve The first episode will be the medicine Comilla will be the first movie to be filmed on behalf of Mr & # 39; Bangladesh Move Forward & # 39 ;.


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