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The mother admitted to playing the baby from the roof

Child Jahin and his mother Roxana Akhter

Child Jahin and his mother Roxana Akhter

Ashrafak Zaman Jahin, a half-year-old boy, was thrown from the roof of a four-story house in Fatula, Narayanganj, and confessed to the murder, Roxana Akhter said.

The court of Narayanganj magistrate Nurunnahar Yasmin received his statement late on Tuesday.

He was later transferred to the District Jail, said SI Kamal Hossain of the court police.

Case investigating officer SI Anwar Hossain of the Fatullah Model Police Station said Roxana Akhter, along with her two-year-old son Ashfaq Zaman Zahin, reached the roof around 4 pm on Monday. At that moment, he pushed the child from the ceiling. But he couldn't tell why he had left the boy.

However, Roxana Akhter's mental imbalance is understandable in her words, SI Anwar said.

The victim's uncle Zahiduzzaman filed a lawsuit against Roxana Akhter, the complainant.

According to the case, the author Zahiduzzaman was the son of the late Khandaker Jahrul Alam of the Kotwali police station in the village of West Tepakhola in the Kotwali police station in Faridpur district. The author's older brother, Nuruzzaman, is the driver. 32 years ago, Nuruzzaman Maruf, 3, married 25-year-old Roksana Akhter, daughter of Ghulam Mostafa, from the village of Arag Anandpur in the Burichang police station in the Comilla district.

After her family's marriage, a daughter Fahmida Zaman Orpa (3), two sons Zarif (3) and Jahin (2) were born. After the marriage, Roxana Akhter became emotionally unbalanced. He has been in treatment in many places for a long time.

It is also mentioned in the case that Nuruzzaman Maruf lives with his wife and children in the house of Aman Ullah, head of the Pagla West Nandlalpur area. Nuruzzaman was working Monday afternoon at 8 pm with his wife Roxana Akhter's youngest son, Jahin, on the roof.

At one point Roxana pushed her son off the roof and went home. The girl later received the news from Arpa by telephone and Nuruzzaman came to the house and rescued the child and took her to Dhaka Medical School Hospital. The doctor on duty declared the child dead.

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