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The name of Akshay Kumar in the film "Two Point Zero" added new titles She is now the most expensive villain in Indian cinema.

When Akshay Kumar said he's going to do lots of makeup for acting at Two Point Zero, fans still do not give much importance. But the trailer surprised everyone by surprise. Prostate makeup experts have made Akshay Kumar a hero of a hero.

To make it seem shocking, he had to make up for four hours a day. And to perfect this makeup, the authority has a lot of money. As a result, the film received the most expensive cinema in India.

The character of Akshay Kumar in the movie, "The Crow Man", is a character of terror that has two wings. Akshay said about the character: "The challenge of this challenging character went over my body.

But these sacrifices and pains did not disappear. I used to spend four hours for my character, behind the prosthetic makeup, and for an hour and a half I took a makeup. I have not done much makeup in my entire career.

The action-action film from India, "Robot", released in 2010. In the Tamil version, the film was named & # 39; Anantiram & # 39 ;. The sequel to the movie "Two Point Zero" Three thousand technicians who worked on the film.

South Zone director Shankar is directing the movie "Two Point Zero". In addition to Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, the film is also starring Adil Hussein, Sudhangshu Pandey and others.

In Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Japanese and Chinese, the film is about to be released in several languages. The movie is being directed and the Rahman. The film can be released on November 29 this year. Indian Express


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