The missing documents in the Supreme Court are important documents


Judiciary in the new crisis of disappearance of documents of the Supreme Court. There is often a concern among concerned people that important case documents disappear. The subject caught the attention of several banks of the Supreme Court.

Many of the critics of this scandal have written a written complaint to the Supreme Court administration, but the remedies do not match. Along with this, allegations of involvement of corrupt officials and class-class officials were raised. Again, there is a claim to hide the document and deliver it to the money.

Lawmakers also expressed concern about the disappearance of documents from the country's highest court, saying the document was a serious offense. The administration has to be proactive, it will have to take punitive measures against those involved.

Former Barrister Shaft Ahmed is talking about it. He told Jugantar, the Supreme Court frequently hears the case documents disappear. It needs to be stopped. The administration of the Supreme Court will have to increase vigilance. Asked the Supreme Court Bar Mahbub Uddin Khokon said that many times the documents are not available in court. Also available again when it costs some money. It needs to be stopped. We also gave a commission. The committee submitted its report and observation on this subject. If you act accordingly, the crisis may be a bit lighter.

It is known that an Islam Rafiqul filed a criminal case at the Metropolitan Court of Appeal on January 2, Who is in the name of the Metropolitan Trader for the case with the government? Later, the trial judge went to the Supreme Court of Rafiqul against a court order.

Following the hearing on January 23, 2010, the Supreme Court issued the rule and suspended for 4 months. Later, the court extended the suspension. Then the file disappeared from the High Court Division. Even today, it has not been found.

Last year, on December 6, Rafikl Islam's lawyer, Shankar Chandra Das, filed a petition with the Supreme Court's secretary, but the document was not found. After CMM's court began the process, Rafiqul was severely impaired and denied justice.

He told the Jugantar that the Supreme Court court led by Judge AKM Asaduzzaman drew attention not to receive the file. The court upheld the lawsuit. After the request was filled with the registrar, the case file was not found. As a result, the suspension of the case could not be extended. On that occasion, the CMM court initiated the case and the hearing on March 28 will be followed.

When contacted, officials from the relevant Criminal Miss Case department said that thousands of files are available at this branch every day. There is also shortage of manpower and space in the section. That is why sometimes the claim of losing the file is lifted. However, the Supreme Court does not lose any section files. The file was recovered after receiving the complaint. The file in the relevant case has been submitted for search. Last month, a person named Wazedul Islam Shaheen filed a lawsuit against the order to cancel the nomination papers for Patgram upazila, president of Lalmonirhat, last month.

But before the hearing the case was missing, the court could not order. The next day, the court opened a new case and the court returned its candidacy. The bank in question expressed dissatisfaction with the incident and also criticized two sections of the section.

This incident happened last month. The files of the case's cancellation request against fraud and fraud for possession of a landlord listed in the capital's Bangla Bazaar have disappeared from the Supreme Court. Justice Jahangir Hossain Selim and Justice on February 7 The Supreme Court, composed of Riazuddin Khan, taking the necessary steps to retrieve the Bank files and how to file the missing, grants the High Court the position of secretary until February 20.

When contacted, the Supreme Court's secretary, Golam Rabbani, told the Jugantor that the file was recovered and sent to the bank in question. Asked about the case, one of the prosecutors of the case, SRM Lutfar Rahman Akand, told reporters that the owner of the house, grandson of the landlord Dijesh Chandra Roy Chowdhury, took refuge in Chetan Ratan Chandra Roy Gong Heir as a fraud for the occupation of the government house. In 2005, the case was shelved.

However, in the Supreme Court, the court rejected the order for the prosecution, entered with a cancellation under Article 561 of the Criminal Procedure, Ratan Chandra and others. After the hearing of the petition, the Supreme Court suspended the case twice and issued the rule. The judges also expressed concern about the absence of Supreme Court documents on different occasions. On January 11, the Supreme Court's court observed that the hearing of a case was filed against the leader of the BNP, the engineer Manjurul Ahsan Munsi, in a lawsuit filed against him for criticizing the judiciary.

In order to avoid this irregularity, the Association of Supreme Court Advocates and the administration of the Supreme Court were requested to act in accordance with the opinion of the Chief Justice. There are paralyzing allegations in many government archives. On behalf of the legal aid agency, the assistant secretary of the Supreme Court's Legal Assistance Committee and Assistant Attorney General Titas Hillel Rima issued a letter to the Secretary-General on October 17 last year. There is a mention in the letter or cases signed with the official sticker or the legal aid office signed the utmost importance. Later, on November 6, a letter signed by Deputy Secretary Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman Bhuiyan asked all agencies to examine the matter seriously.

In this regard, said an official of the Supreme Court administration, there is no agreement if we receive any claim of loss of the case process. The head of the concerned branch asked to find the file. Many instances received instant instructions. He made sure to take swift action to retrieve documents related to the case.


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