The ICC was surprised to see Rahi in the World Cup team


Bangladesh has announced a final team of 15 members for the World Cup. The big surprise Abu Zayed Rahi He has not played any ODI yet. He will perform at the world level.

The new pacer is shocked to see the ICC. It's so amazing that social media has put its cover on the cover of their VeriPayed pages on Facebook.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) announced on Tuesday that it will formally host the World Cup. To include Abu Zayed, the picks said they are not for every game. Time in England has changed rapidly. If there is a condition of wet rain, rain or a wicket, there is no other way to make Bangladesh better.

Rahi has not yet made an ODI format. However, some of the international matches played the hand. He has already started his journey on Test and T20s. He could not prove himself completely. But nothing failed. Above all, the board wants to see it. That's why he chose it on the big stage like the World Cup.

Sylhet's son, Abu Zayed, said there was a sway in the eyes. It can swing on both sides of the shutter. The insulation, output and reverse oscillation process is very well known by it. He is ready to do them. Due to this, the defensive paceman Shahid Afridi entered the team.

How efficient the rahi ball can be seen in the World Cup. Before that, however, the eleven will have the opportunity. However, his involvement in the Bangladesh squad proves that the ICC also shocked the cover page of the governing body of cricket.


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