Thursday , October 21 2021

The ICC has no reserve days because the Bangladesh coach presses


England and New Zealand had to beat Bangladesh, had to win against Sri Lanka. The tigers continue to plan this plan. But all plans were launched on Tuesday (June 11) in the Bristol rain.

The games on Monday West Indies-South Africa are also the same. So far, 3 of 16 matches have flown in the rain. Earlier, two games were abandoned in the 1992 and 2003 World Cups, the most disputed matches in World Cup history. But in the current World Cup has already surpassed. But there is not such a great arrangement, nor a day of reservation.

Regardless of what the ICC knows about the English climate, there is no reservation day. So if the game was abandoned, the ICC had no other way than to split the points. The Reserve Day was held only for the semifinals and final. ICC chief Steve Rhodes said he suffered much from the ICC's indifference.

"We can send people to the moon, because we can not keep the reserve days when we know the tournament is so long," Rhodes said after the next press conference was dropped.

Neither the head coach tried to cover his disappointment. "Our goal was to get 2 points in this game, but we have 1 point, which is very frustrating. Although I knew that Sri Lanka are a difficult opponent, they have little chance of taking them lightly. 1 point today. What I did not expect.

But accepting reality, the Bangladeshi technician said: "There is no control over the climate. There is no way to look back now. We have to look at the games ahead, we will lose the West Indies in the next match. "

Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza also expressed frustration over the rain in the game. "It's disappointing for all teams. It's frustrating not to play in the field.

Bangladesh Time: 0939 hours, June 12, 2019

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