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The Grameenphone call rate is increasing

Grameenphone Mobile operator Grameenphone Increases the call rate due to restrictions SIGNIFICANT MARKET POWER-SMP Adding 5 paise to the minimum call rate according to the new call rate, for Grameenphone



That is, in the past, when Grameenphone users could speak at least 45 paisa per minute, it is now becoming 50 paisa.

The average Grameenphone call rate is 70 paisa per minute. This means that increasing the call rate will have an additional impact on Grameenphone customers.

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) said that decision at a meeting on Tuesday. The BTRC will send a letter to the Grameenphone to increase the call rate.

Earlier, on April 17, Sajeeb Wazed Joy, the Prime Minister's Information and Communication Technology Adviser, joined a meeting at BTRC. BTRC President Zahurul Haque and other senior officials attended the meeting chaired by the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Mustafa Jabber.

Grameenphone interconnection rates have been increased, as have call rates. The interconnection fee is basically a call from an operator to another operator, and then the operator can charge for a fixed amount. This rate is also adding 5 paisa now. But the interconnection charge for the call coming from other carriers on the Grameenphone was previously prevailed.



In addition, the additional quality monitoring of the operator's quality of service will be maintained. If the quality of service is not satisfactory for a specific period, there may be restrictions on the increase of new customers.

Earlier, on March 19, the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) canceled the previous restrictions. So, due to some restrictions on the restrictions, the process must be resumed and the commission must be commenced.

Grameenphone was announced as SMP operator in February. So the regulator imposed four restrictions.

However, due to non-compliance with the conditions in the condition of the time condition, the previous constraint must be withdrawn and the process has to start over.

In this process, asking about the opinion of the operator declared PMS on the restrictions being imposed on them.

On March 19, BTRC seeks Grameenphone feedback for 15 days. The operator said their opinion.

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