The government's goal is to secure fair elections:


On the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the founding of the Awami Jub League, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina convened Ganobhaban on Sunday. Photo: Focus Bangla

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said today that her government's goal of strengthening democracy and continuing development is to ensure a free, fair and neutral agenda for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The Prime Minister said: "Our goal is to keep the next elections free, fair and neutral. I hope other political parties will also participate in this election."

On the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the founding of Awami Juba League of Bangladesh, he said this when leaders and workers of the organization met with the prime minister in Ganobhaban on Sunday.

Sheikh Hasina said, this is the reality that if the party does not participate in the elections, the power of a political party is lost. We hope that other political parties will also participate in the elections and, with this, democracy is stronger and more development of the country.

Chaired by the president of the Jubo League, Alhaj Omar Faruque Chowdhury, the organization's secretary general, Harun-ur-Rashid, spoke at the time.

Previously, the central committee of the Jubo League and the leaders of the North and South branches hailed the prime minister with a bouquet of flowers.

Pointing out that the next election is very important for the country, the prime minister said that his government has taken many mega projects and committed to eradicate poverty. If we do not come to power, no one will implement these projects.

Leaders of the Jubo League Central Committee greet the Prime Minister with a bouquet of flowers Photo: Focus Bangla

Sheikh Hasina said, we have adopted many mega projects and started the development trend in Bangladesh. We reduced poverty rates from 41% to 21%. If we return to power, our goal is to reduce the poverty rate to four to five percent. So we can say that Bangladesh is free from poverty.


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