The government is thinking about the launch of Khaleda Zia


The government has not been in a strict position on the release of BNP president Begum Khaleda Zia. If the former PM secures bail in court, government policymakers are not even thinking of intervening on the issue of release. If all is well, then Khaleda Zia can be released before or after Eid al-Azhar at any time. But after the release, he may have to leave the country for treatment. Multiple sources of government have come up with this idea.
But another source said that after bail, Khaleda Zia would be taken to any private hospital in the country. He will not be able to leave the country. In all 36 cases against the former prime minister, three of them were granted bail. Zia Orphanage Trust and Zia Charitable Trust Case

According to sources, due to the suppression of the government, due to various strategies, the policy of the opponent is at least. Not only that, government allies are also in the spotlight. In this situation, government quite confident. As a result, the release of Khaleda Zia does not seem to have much impact on politics. If the launch of Khaleda Zia, government policymakers think that the government's image will be brighter at home and abroad. That is why the government has positive thoughts about Khaleda's release.

According to law and policy analysts, the bail issue in the two cases of Khaleda Zia recently is the result of the positive attitude of the government. At the end of the government intervention, the possibility of bail was lower in these two cases. Awami League secretary general and Labor Minister Obaidul Quader said: "The government will not interfere if the court grants bail." On the day after Khaleda Zia's bail, she said, "The court has guaranteed bail, the government has not intervened in any way. The government will not interfere, even if the remaining cases are available." Civil society and political parties have received well the statement of one of the main government officials. Khaleda Zia is hopeful that if the government is in such a situation, they will be released soon.

Several sources from the Awami League and the government said the government faced various types of criticism at home and abroad early on bail Begum Khaleda Zia. In the end, the government managed to overcome the situation by adopting legal arguments outside of politics. At that time, it was felt that Khaleda Zia was released immediately after her imprisonment and her popularity increased. In addition, BNP activists have also stepped up. If Khaleda Zia's release before the election, political decision-makers thought it would have boomerang for the government. As a result, he would have to return to his bail in different ways.

But, eliminating all speculative fantasies, the government finally coined it and kept the prisoner out of the elections after the elections. Although this election is now debated, the government is slowly overcoming it. The BNP refused to take part in the election and also joined parliament. Parliamentary nomination was sent to Parliament for reserved seats. Government policymakers have seen this antidepressive opposition attitude as positive. As a result, they are also very flexible on the issue of launching Khaleda Zia.

Three leaders of the Awami League's policy-making level said there is no room for political turmoil in the country. In the absence of BNP, BNP is also a very positive policy. So what is the benefit of Khaleda Zia to be captured? If the court wants him to be sued in his other cases.
A leader said: "After the bail, Khaleda Zia may have to go out for treatment outside the country.Your policy may be restricted.Let's see what happens to the end.


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