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The film of Nineupukhi Prativa Tele Samad has left


The film of Nineupukhi Prativa Tele Samad has left

Personal reporter One of the few actors who came on behalf of comedy actors in Bengali movies is Tele Samad. At the same time Khan Ata, Rabiul, Saifuddin, Anis, Dilder and many others became very popular as comedians. However, the name of the top tele-teaser came about. These talented and talented actors became ill for a few days. Finally, on April 6 last Saturday, the country did not return.

The people in question say that when a good artist is in crisis in the Bengali film, it is really painful to go to a wise and capable actor like Tele Samad. Not to fill your vacancy. Tele-Samad was a legendary figure in the world of action in Bangladesh. He was one of the few actors, lyricist, musician, musical director, film director, painter. There was a combination of many qualities in him. It is very tireless to lose your culture and culture. In his death, the shadow of mourning reached the cultural heritage of Bangladesh. Film people and people's culture expressed deep shock. Many people, including the Prime Minister, Minister of Information, Minister of Culture, lamented. They said that Tele Samad was one of the biggest comedians in the Bangladesh film. He was a unique talent in comedy acting. The people of Bangladesh will remember him for a long time for his performance and actions.

Tele Samad was born on January 8, 1945 in the village of Naogaon, Sirajdikhan under Munshiganj (then Bikrampur). He has done higher education in the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Dhaka. His older brother, Kurushilpi Abdul Hai The theater student in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Dhaka was very busy working on tele-samad. In 1973, with this addiction, & # 39; Kari Bau & # 39; kept a big screen through the film. So in four decades of acting, he played in more than 150 films. His real name is Abdus Samad. Tele-samad of Bangladesh Television Mostafa Mamun gave his surname Tele Samad. Since then he is known by that name. Tele Samad became popular as a strong comedian even when he came to the film. As a powerful actor, he took the place of everyone's heart. He starred in the film "Zero Degree & # 39; in the more recent Anonymous Aich. The film is released in 2015

In 1973, in the movie "Kara Bau", comedy movie entered the world of comedy. He received a lot of interest through the film & # 39; Niyamanni & # 39; and "Path of Walking Path". & # 39; Mana Pagla & # 39; will give voice to the music of 50 films as well as music in the film. In his career, he played 600 films in four decades. & # 39; Zero Degree & # 39; (2015) & # 39; Kumari Maa & # 39; (2013) Saathi Hara Nagin & # 39; (2011) & # 39; Mother's Eye & # 39; (2010) & # 39; My Dream My Family & # 39; (2010) & # 39; son of Riksawala & # 39; (2009) & # 39; Kayamat (Resurrection) & # 39; (1993) & # 39; Miss Lalita & # 39; (1985), & quot; Hum Aapke Hain & # 39; & Quot; New Bau & # 39; (1983) Mati Ghar & # 39; (1979) & quot; Nagaradola & # 39; (1978) Guess (1976) Sujon Sakhi (1975) Chasir Kali (1975) Rangoon Rupban et al., Et al. Pinki Now Train (1978) Uneducated (1978) Joy Defeat (1976) The actor, who has suffered from various diseases for a long time, Recently, when the body was worse, he was taken to the Hospital Square, he died during treatment, and in early 2017, tele-samad was performed in the United States. abdominal surgery on the thumb of his left foot Last year on December 4, he fell ill and was admitted to Hospital Square, Tele Samad, and the doctor said that there was a problem with the telescopic nodes. , he was admitted to the hospital and died on April 6th in the treatment, with the death of the popular actor, the somb of mourning has fallen on film and culture.

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