The film & # 39; Birthplace & # 39; with Rohingya has authorization


The Bangladesh Film Sensor Board got approval for the film & # 39; birthland & # 39; (Land of Births) in the Rohingya people in Bangladesh. He confirmed his maker Prasun Rahman. He said the film received clearance on November 20 without permission.

Actor Ronak Hassan and model Saira Jahan starred in the film. The photo was taken with Rohingya refugees who came from Bangladesh to Bangladesh. Here Roonak is playing the central role. Saira is also with her heroine.

Prasun Rahman said that the problem of refugees around the world will arise in one way. There is love, patriotism, there is humanity as well. Let's release the trailer for the movie soon. The campaign will also start online.

It is known that his work is being held at Camp Ukhia since Cox's Bazaar until July 5 to 12. In addition, several scenes were kept on the Naf River. The way the refugees entered the Ukhya. The image is created by the bands of Bengal Multimedia Limited.


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