The construction of the Padma bridge is ending this year: PM


South of
Responding to a question from Rustam Ali Fazizi, a member of the Pirojpur district parliament, said on Wednesday
The head of government said.

Explaining the reasons for postponing the construction of the longer bridge, Sheikh Hasina said: "Technical direction
Pull bridge too complex due to some conditions due to smooth condition while driving
Stack has to be redesigned. According to the advice of local and international experts
Some of these stacking designs take some time to complete.

Despite the completion of the construction of the Padma Bridge until December 2015,
The effort continues. "

Already in
He said that 62 percent of the physical works were made and the establishment of the railway connection and
The work of establishing the rail link between Bhanga from Barisal to Faridpur district is also being done through the Padma bridge. "

The construction of the Padma bridge until December is fixed at the end of the construction
Some pillar projects were not complicated.

Shafiqul Islam, Director of the Multipurpose Bridge Project, told,
The project was extended for one year until December 2019.

Project of the Jamsira Padma bridge costing Tk 30, 193 crores for financing
A total of six spans were placed on the edge. A total of 41 meters in every 150 meters in length
The 615-kilometer Padma Bridge will be built in 42 people.
The second floor will be on the rail system.

The sixth span was installed on the Jajira side of the Padma Bridge recently

The sixth extension was installed on the Jajira side of the Padma bridge recently

If the bridge is in the communication system with other parts of the country,
Economic changes will increase due to changes. If this bridge is started then GDP growth will be around one and a half
The government should increase the percentage.

Hasina said in Parliament that under the rail link of Padma, Faridpur, Narayanganj, Munshiganj,
582 acres of land were purchased in the districts of Shariatpur and Madaripur. In addition, Dhaka, Munshiganj,
Districts of Faridpur, Gopalganj, Narail and Jessore to acquire another 1,023 acres of land

Barisal blocking Barangal to bring Barisal district under rail network
Become the railroad to the seaport
The initiative for construction was taken.

Prohibition of Jamaat-e-Islami in parliament, reasons to win eleven parliamentary elections, Rohingya
Answers to questions about problems, higher education, youth employment opportunities
Prime Minister

Responding to a question by Anwarul Azim on the creation of remand and employment, Sheikh Hasina
"Various training projects, lines of credit, grants and jobs
To make the Youth Society through education, skill, professional guidance and self-confidence. "

Sheikh Hasina in parliament (archive photo)

Sheikh Hasina in parliament (archive photo)

Of the total population of the country, the number of active people over 15 is 58
Percent Decimal Of these, 40.6 percent belonged to agriculture.

According to the Bureau of Labor Bureau of Research survey 2016-17 of the Bureau of Statistics in Bangladesh
There are currently 2.6 million 77 thousand unemployed, representing 4.2% of the total workforce. 2030
Between the establishment of 100 economic zones and one million jobs
It will be arranged. "

Escape from Myanmar in the face of torture
In response to Fakhrul's Imam's question about Rohingyas, he said, family information
Last year, the list of 8,332 Rohingyas was given to the Myanmar authorities for verification
If they provided 5,838 of them as immigrants to Myanmar
Marked The remaining 2,431 people were registered in the list of registered domiciles
The Myanmar government told us not to say that this was possible.

"Both countries
With the consent of the revocation date of November 15, 2018,
Rohingya voluntarily returning to Myanmar due to lack of favorable environment
Did not agree to go Rohingya Torture and persecution of Rohingya people to stop Rohingya and Rohingya
Myanmar is pressing the government for repatriation. "

Prime Minister
He said: "I hope that Myanmar's authorities will quickly create a favorable environment in the state of Rakhine
As soon as possible, the Rohingyas will take initiatives to revive their country. "

On the issue of Bazlul Haque Harun with higher education, Sheikh Hasina said: "Higher education of the country,
Identify priority activities for development
To implement them, formulate a plan of action and various projects
The program is being implemented. "

Responding to a question from member Shafiqul Islam Shimul, the Prime Minister said: "I recorded the record
Do not make policy for The prime minister is not a matter of pleasure with me; This is a
Responsibility and, of course, difficult responsibilities. Whenever you have given this responsibility, then I am more
I felt more responsible. "


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