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Last year, Love Bird Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh of Bollywood were married last year after ending their longing for love. Ranbir and Deepika are doing their best after marriage. But suddenly there was a buzzing that there was a fire of sadness in the hall of happiness.

This could be ashes burned in the fire of the couple's bridal house It was floating on the path of separation. Indian Media News Daily reports such information

What happened suddenly, for which they are walking the path of separation within five months of marriage?

Deepika-Ranbir dissatisfaction was reported by Chaura It is heard that Ranbir's close friend, Arjuna, called his friend friend Ranbir for intervention. On the one hand, when Arjun joins Malaika in a few weeks, his friend Ranbir is walking the path of separation.

It is said that Deepika is missing the mood of Ranbir's strange melodies. The problem between husband and wife has reached such a stage that the actress left the set.

Deepika is disturbed by the taste of Ranbir's clothes. The actress said publicly that she did not like the selection of Ranbir's clothes by herself. In addition, like the clothes that Ranbir is wearing, Deepika's public image is being lost in public.

And Deepika, who is also disturbed by Ranbir's move to promote the film, is also upset. After thinking that after the wedding, everything will be solved together, but where else!

It is said on the daily news that a few days ago, wife Deepika had stabbed Ranbir in a togda gate.

However, Ranveer-Deepika's statement is not yet available for dissent.

In the past, a report by the American magazine said that the marriage of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas would be separated. But later, Priyanka himself said the rumor had been rumored.


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