The CEC will visit India


Chief Election Commissioner, KM Nurul Huda.

Chief Election Commissioner, KM Nurul Huda. Photo-Juggling

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), KM Nurul Huda, is going to India to attend a National Voters Day event.

Senior Deputy Secretary of the EC This information was confirmed in the letter signed by Shah Alam.

It is said in the letter that CEC Nurul Huda will attend the National Voters' Day event in India. He will attend January 24 and 25. To do so, he will leave for India on January 23 and return to Dhaka on January 28.

The letter further stated that the CEC's visit to India would be considered as the organization's responsibility. The Election Commission of India will bear the cost of staying, eating and transit at the hotel during this tour. The Bangladesh Election Commission will have airfares and other CEC expenditures.

Nurul Huda will be accompanied by his wife Hosne Ara Huda. The letter mentioned in the letter that the CEC must bear all the expenses of his wife.

In another letter signed by Shah Alam, it is said that EC Joint Secretary Farhad Ahmad Khan will leave for India on January 23 to attend the same event. He will return on January 26.


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