The case against OC was changed, the BCL leader was sued


OC Akhter Hossain and BCL activists Mamun, wounded in the attack. Photo: Playing

OC Akhter Hossain and BCL activists Mamun, wounded in the attack. Photo: Playing

Police opened a lawsuit against Popov's secretary general, Gopal Pioneer, Sujoy Saha, who beat three policemen at Narayanganj's Araihazar.

The case was presented Thursday morning by ASPI Md. Mamun, author of the Gopaldi Police Investigation Center.

The defendants were arrested on Wednesday on the alleged misrepresentation of Chhatra League activist Didar Islam and a few other unknown people.

Meanwhile, Atiarajar Police Officer Akhter Hossain changed the statement made by the Chhatra League on Wednesday after the two people were arrested.

On Wednesday, leaders of BCL leaders demanded that their own people claim that they were beaten by police in front of the media. BNP was one thing, I could take action.

He later acknowledged the matter for various media outlets and said that due to the illness of Chhatra League leader Sujoy, he was released in the capital for treatment and Didar for testing.

OC Akhter Hossain, however, did not answer any questions about how the BCL leader beat police after being ill.

In the case, the police arrested Didar Islam of Gopaldi Bazar on Wednesday for having misbehaved Gopaldi Nazrul Islam Babu College at 12 o'clock. Chhatra League leader Sujoy Saha went to investigate for Dider to learn of the arrest.

When the police refused to leave, the police remained in filthy language. When the ATS Mamun protested, Sujoy was hitting her and began beating her. Later, Sujoy started his associate on the cell phone and attacked the police.

TI Mamun said that after learning about the situation, he took control of the situation with the additional police and brought the situation under control. At that time, they arrested Sujoy and Didar and took them to the Araihazar Police Station.

The injured ASI Mamun, Constable Abul Bashar and Imran were admitted for the first time in the Atherihazar Upazila Health Complex.

On the other hand, the district-wide police reaction was felt in the case of leaving the detainees and suyayake of the Araihazar police station without opening a case against the police on Wednesday night.

Asked about OC Akhter Hossain to free these two people, the OC said, "There was no incident of aggression." The BNP was one thing, I could take action.I talked to my older lord Awami League leaders were coming in. This is the These niayas no longer need writings.

But on Thursday, Araihazar police station, OC Akter Hossain, said: "The two have been legally excluded. Sujoy, who is suffering from illness, will be arrested for medical treatment and at any time for the examiner to be released. they were prosecuted, they will be arrested.


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