The call came from Sourav's nephew: Sohel Taj


Former Interior Minister Sohel Taj and Bhagan Syed Iftekhar Alam Sourav

Minister of State for Home Affairs Sohel Taj said a call was received from his father and mother at 2:20 pm on Tuesday from Syed Iftekhar Alam Sourav's phone on Tuesday. But they did not speak after holding the phone. He came to live on Facebook on Wednesday, he told this information.

Sohel Taj said, we have not slept all night. Still waiting for Sourav's return On Tuesday night we went to a place. We have some information there. Then we are satisfied. Yesterday (Tuesday) my cousin phoned me around midnight. I also talk to Brother Manik (Sourav's father). They told me that Sourav received calls from his phone via WhatsApp through his phone. Two or three times, but whoever was on the other side was not heard. They tried hard, but no sound was heard. Later, they called Sourav's number several times, but no one called the phone. Sourav's father, Manik, and his mother, Yasmin, said: "I still called, the ring is ringing, but no one is reaching." This means that Sourav's phone is open. So I gave my son a message. "Where are you, Daddy?" What you are Where you say If necessary, we will get it. "I have not received any response to this message," the law enforcement official said. "They are trying to find out where the phone is and where the phone is located," they said.

Finally, Sohel Taj said: "We are waiting with confidence in them." The authorities will tell us quickly. But we will not stop. We're trying too. Because this type of event is not desired. If such incidents do not happen, we need to pay attention to this. We all want to live peacefully and peacefully in Bangladesh. That was the goal of our war of liberation. For this, thousands of freedom fighters came to life. I hope we have one such Bangladesh in the future.

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The family claimed he was kidnapped in a planned manner, showing him the temptation of work. The Sourav family is from the Madrasa Sunlia area under Panchlaish thana of Chittagong. Sourav made the BRAC and UNICEF public disclosure short film. He is the youngest of two brothers and a sister. On June 9, Sourav disappeared after presenting his job on the curriculum in Chittagong.

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